Message from our Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer Sean Hanlon, CFP®

Founder, Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer Sean Hanlon, CFPThe investment world can be compared to the sea in many ways. Investing can be a whirlwind of uncertainty and worry at times, yet calm and placid at other moments. Like the sea…high tides, low tides, rough seas, calm waters. One thing is certain, and that is that the sea will always be there, as will the need for investment management.

During my early years in the investment industry, which date back to 1982, I came to see the need for professional money management to serve the investing public. The combination of my investing experience and my Mechanical Engineering Degree from Stevens Institute of Technology provided me with a good base from which to do analysis and develop investment strategies. With that in mind, I founded Hanlon Investment Management in order to provide clients with strategies that go beyond traditional "buy and hold" in this often volatile world of investing.

With respect to building a business and managing the people that deliver our money management and service our clients, I learned a long time ago that there are three basic ingredients at the core of all successful businesses. These are:

Passion - starting from the company leadership and carrying through to each and every individual that forms the total team, there must be a passion for what we do.

Clear Vision and Mission - the leadership must provide clear vision for the company and its employees, as well as set goals and objectives and regularly measure the progress in achieving those goals and objectives.

Care - and finally, and most importantly, everyone must care. Really, truly care. Care about the clients, the service, the process and the results.

At Hanlon Investment Management, we take pride in all of these areas, are always striving to improve, and serve our customers to the very best of our ability. This can be seen from the positive energy exhibited by our client service and marketing professionals to the long hours invested by our research and trading professionals. In all departments throughout the firm we pay strict attention to detail and quality in the entire process, much like a ship that is well outfitted and manned.

We embrace with great importance the trust and faith that our clients place in us to steer their investment portfolio through the markets. We are and will remain steadfast in that mission.