Financial Professionals

Financial Professional ConsultantOur goal at Hanlon Investment Management is to build a relationship with Financial Professionals, by enabling them to provide their clients with time tested wealth management solutions across a wide range of product offerings.

The approach begins with the completion of a personalized Investor Profile Questionnaire, which results in a specific portfolio solution for each client account, based upon their tolerance for risk, investment objectives and time horizon.

Our wealth management solutions allow the Financial Professional to focus on client relationship management while our team concentrates on daily market analysis, daily review of portfolio holdings, and the reallocation of portfolios as dictated by our proven investment management discipline.

In addition, we provide dedicated Marketing and Client Service teams, readily available to support Financial Professionals and their staff. We also make it a top priority to keep Financial Professionals informed by producing frequent market updates and commentaries to assist them in communicating our current market commentary and strategies to their clients.